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Dotted Line Graph Stata

Posted on 19 December, 2017
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jixinz.pw -Dotted Line Graph Stata Remarks and examples stata.com Lines occur in many contexts and, in some of those contexts, the above options are used to determine the look of the line. For instance, the lcolor() option in. graph line y x, lcolor(red) causes the line through the (y, x) point to be drawn in red. 1

1. Overview Of Twoway Plots

Overview Of Twoway Plots  DownloadSource: www.surveydesign.com.au

Dotted Line Graph Stata ome solid lines. I am trying to get a graph showing the dynamics of variables var1-var8 over time. var1-var4 belong to the treatment group, while var5-var8 belong to the control group. I would like to have solid lines for var1-var4 (treatment group) and dashed lines for var5-var8 (control group).

Changing the look of dotted line in stata. I'm trying to create a twoway line graph in Stata that, because it will likely be photocopied and/or printed in black & white, we need to use dashed and dotted lines to differentiate between lines. The problem is that Stata's dotted line looks awful, it's not a dot at all, but a vertical line.

Syntaxdescriptionremarks and examplesalso see. Title stata.com linepatternstyle — Choices for whether lines are solid, dashed, etc. SyntaxDescriptionRemarks and examplesAlso see Syntax linepatternstyle Description solid solid line dash dashed line dot dotted line dash dot shortdash shortdash dot longdash longdash dot blank invisible line "formula" e.g., "-." or "--.." etc.

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